1991 - graduated School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Media Arts.

Spring 1991 - Solo show through SVA Galleries, entitled "Works on Paper"

Spring 1991 - Group show at the Art Directors Club, entitled "Illustration as Short Story"

Spring 1991 - Group show: "Images of Labor," Gallery 1199, NY

1991 - 1998 - Freelance illustrator, clients include: Lenscrafters, Sun Microsystems, Alfred Knopf, Dartmouth Press

1998 - present - personal work and private commissions

I am a painter and collage artist looking for the magic in everyday life. Whether it's the tranquil lake at sunset, or the abandoned country store, I want to honor and capture the beauty I see in the world. I earned a BFA from School of Visual Arts (1991) and today, live in Tennessee with my wife, two kids and our backyard chickens.

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